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24.03.2017 01:41, Andrea from Australia E-mail Homepage :
I have a Model C Serial No. C81.

23.02.2017 21:32, Eric Wilson from Rockford, IL E-mail :
I'm an anchor with the ABC/FOX affiliate in Rockford, IL. I have a story airing about our local United Technologies Aerospace Systems plants here. That's what Rockford's Sundstrand has morphed into over the decades. I was wondering if I might be able to use your picture of a Sundstrand calculator in my story. Thanks!


22.12.2016 03:41, john orminski from Clarkston E-mail :
I have a Royal adding machine, it has "Fabrication Suisse H2" on the front bottom plate. It is definitely from Switzerland, however i don't know anything else about it. It works perfectly, hopefully someone can shed some light on this item.


18.12.2016 13:31, Neal Gehring from Fort Collins, CO E-mail :
I have a Monroe LX-160, SN 492747 in my shop for clean & repair. My customer wants to know the year of mfg. I would appreciate your help.

26.11.2016 17:24, Gail Kimball E-mail :
Hi could you tell me what the value might be for the Quixsum adding machine from June 10, 1924 Model C 2585? thanks!

23.11.2016 02:18, Don L from Wisconsin E-mail :
Somewhat new to vintage adder,calculators.....but just got my second Sundstrand (Underwood), and a mid 50's Burroughs hand cranks. They go so well with my typewriters and dictaphones.
Thanks for the great info!

17.11.2016 07:23, Don Martin from Albany E-mail :
Hey Rich,

I've been browsing through your collection of calculators. Do you really have them all? Anyways, have you had a chance to look at the Antikythera Mechanism--the first analog computer?

28.10.2016 15:16, Rob from holland :
the serial number of my BriCal model B is 523

27.10.2016 06:57, Charles Licka from Anchorage, Alaska 99508 E-mail Homepage :
I would like to know the cost for your retrocalcultors...Particularly the multiplication table. How do I purchase this item?

14.10.2016 01:00, kevin E-mail :
hello, I have a Faber Castell Addiator slide rule, in box, with instructions, it says $9.95 on the box, just wondering of age and if people collect.

30.08.2016 23:59, Amie from Texas E-mail :
I picked up a Underwood Sundstrom calculator at an estate sale several years back. I cannot determine it's age. The tag that is on the motor say:
Underwood Elliott Fisher Co.
Universal Motor
Model No5BA36Fa17
Volts 110 Amp .8
No P-77695 DT

I can't find anything on your site with that model.
Thank you

29.08.2016 13:05, Peter Fox from UK E-mail :
I have just purchased a Brical Model C money adder. The serial number is C 94. It is in good working order but the finger reset knob is missing. Would you have any idea as to the dimensions of the knob to enable me to make a replacement?

10.08.2016 01:01, Linda from Florida E-mail :
Dear Sirs:
I found my great-grandfather's Golden Gem chain adding machine. If I send you a picture of it, as well as the number ectched on the side, could you send me some info about it? I'm especially trying to find out approximately how old it is.
Thank you,

06.08.2016 06:35, Emma Davies from Australia E-mail :
I have attempted to buy your roman numeral calc app from the US itunes store and it ways it is not available - is that the case?


03.08.2016 17:52, Herman Price from Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Muse E-mail :
Hello, I am just reviewing your website.

15.07.2016 22:36, Bengt from Skoevde, Sweden E-mail :
I recently purchased a Sundstrand machine. It is marked 10020 and serial number (I think) 216980 Can you tell me when tis was made?

Thank you

13.07.2016 15:31, Milla from Walthamstow E-mail :
Hi, our charity has been donated a Brical Compound Addition British Calculator model C with C94 in the back. We would like to know how much it would be worth please?
It is boxed and in neat condition but has no stylus.

19.06.2016 17:13, randy hoover from modesto, california, usa E-mail :
I recently purchased a Charpentier Calculator - Calculimetre G. Charpentier, at an estate sale really not knowing what it was. I found it fascinating and intended to invest the time to find out exactly what it was. Now that I know, I really have no use for it and would like to find a home for it, perhaps with some one who would appreciate it more than me? Can you tell me, what should I ask for it, what is the value? Thanks for your help!

05.06.2016 20:04, Aldo Alberto Ambrosino from Arroyito (Prov. Córdoba) - Arg E-mail :
Tengo en mi poder una Máquina Calculadora Sundstrand cuyo Nº de Registro es el "M de C RGTRDA 15919 - Debe ser Modelo 172391 - 8020-A-52 / Fecha Oct. 7 1918.-
Estoy por donarla al museo de San Vicente (Pcia. Santa Fe)

13.05.2016 19:58, Jackie E-mail :
I have a sundstrand adding machine it has 171810 and 8024-A-54 stamped on it can you tell me how much it is worth. Please and thank you

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Entries: 34
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