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10.05.2016 00:29, Topper from Groton SD USA E-mail :
I have a Precise adder that is missing the handle. Does anyone have one for sale?

29.04.2016 16:43, Lynn Sipprell E-mail :

I am looking for some information on a Curta ll calculator that I have owned for years. The serial number is 546758. It has a plastic case and is in a blue box the states CURTA followed by number all over the box repeating it self. Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. I am specially looking to discover the year it was made and an estimated value. It is in like new condition.

Thanks for any information you can provide

11.04.2016 20:14, Brenda DeLaurentis from Albuquerque E-mail :
Hi, I have an old vintage calculator in green as shown on your webpage. I wasn't sure what it was and was delighted to see a picture on your website. It has had significant use and is in very marginal condition. Could you estimate the worth and let me know if anyone would be interested in buying it?

23.03.2016 01:49, Ted Lee from Prescott, AZ E-mail :
I have a Prewett's Addometer, and would like to find how it was used and for what. It is quite simple and other than counting to 20 what can it do?

12.03.2016 19:05, Ade Clarke from e.midlands E-mail :
Where is the Ozalid calculator which served my colleagues and myself for many years in laboratory work, pre electronic devices era.

24.02.2016 09:00, Alberto E-mail :
Hey, retrocalculator's
my name is alberto i live in sweden recently i find an old calculator odhner excelent conditions work perfectly i was wondering if may you guys interest to buy from me i live near stockholm wait for your answer

10.02.2016 18:13, Ed from Tacoma, WA E-mail :
While in Korea briefly in 1986 I looked up a dressmaker shop to have some silk garments made for my wife. As they were calculating the cost they pulled out a pocket calculator of red LED vintage. Jutting out from the right side was an abacus. I tried to persuade them to sell it to me. No dice. Then I tried various shops in the town. No joy. That would have made the perfect desk ornament.

10.02.2016 14:16, James Brothers from Atlanta, GA E-mail :
I am prop master on a Fox Feature, Hidden Figures. It's about mathematicians at NASA in 1961. I need to find working Friden calculators of that time for our sets. Ones that work. We have found a few but they do not work and do not match. Do you have any idea where we can find up to 20 matching, working ones? James 404 822 5119

19.01.2016 01:31, Becky Williams from Springfield E-mail :
We have a 1889 retro victor adder figure eight calculator. Do these have any value?
Thank you Becky

16.01.2016 07:09, Karin Bertolino from Buenos Aires E-mail :
I have a friden C10 machine , but I have not the power cable, so do not know if it works...
I want to sale it! Do you know how or where can I do it?
Thank you
best regards

01.12.2015 07:27, ann paquette from nc E-mail :
Hello. Thanks for the clear videos on the Monroe LX 150 series. I have my grandmother's Monroe, it is probably a LX 150; it's logo is red in front, different from the video. It's in excellent condition and we are going to sell it and wonder if anyone is interested. Please contact me via email for pictures/information, and ty so much again for the videos.

14.11.2015 17:48, Phillip S Preston from England, UK E-mail :
Around 1970 I did my calcs at work on a Friden STW-10 and since then I have have longed for one of my own. I very recently bought a 1964 model, S/No 627144, from the US. I need to do some minor repairs and have been searching for answers, so thank you.

Until now my restorations have been entirely only mechanical calculators - Brunsviga, TIM etc - so the Electro-Mechanical insides of the Friden are quite daunting. I would be delighted to be able to contact anyone in the UK who is acquainted with the same or similar model to my own, or indeed worldwide.



13.11.2015 19:36, Jim LaRue from Murrieta E-mail :
I have a Underwood Sundstrand and the two numbers stamped on it are 640787 and 8140P
Can you tell me the history and what it is worth.

Thank you, Jim.

02.11.2015 19:43, RetroCalculators from San Francisco :
Welcome! to RetroCalculators and please leave a note.

(Note that the old guestbook got corrupted somehow -- my apologies for this problem.

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Entries: 34
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